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Cape Town property buying advisors, Sands Home Search, act exclusively for Cape Town Property Buyers to find and negotiate the purchase of prime Cape Town property on the best terms for the buyer.

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Buying a property in Cape Town represents a significant investment of time, money and emotion.

Whether you are buying the property as your family home, a weekend retreat or purely for property speculation, you of course want to ensure you get the correct property for the correct price and in the correct location.

The below are useful hints and tips to help you achieve your goal.

Buying a property in Cape Town – The correct location

Location, location, location – often quoted as the 3 most important factors to consider when buying a property. Prices and saleability differ literally from street to street in Cape Town and getting the right address can mean significant differences in price, amenities and, importantly, safety.

Take your time to get to know the areas; viewing the area is as important as viewing the house. Estate agents obviously market property, not areas, so we recommend using a buyer’s consultant to assist you in your property search.

Buying a property in Cape Town – The right property

You have chosen the location and are all set to starting viewing properties for sale. Traditionally internet search, newspapers, estate agents and show days prove to be the more common methods used in buying the right property. We recommend your search is extended beyond this.

With estate agents charging very large selling fees of up to 7.5% + VAT of the sale price,
more and more property owners look to see if they can achieve a private sale
first, meaning property buyers not accessing private sales can miss out not just
on quality property but often less expensive due to no agents fees being

Estate agents by the nature of how they are rewarded will always market their own properties more aggressively. Again the result can be the buyer not getting to see the full selection or properties for sale in Cape Town.

Make sure you see as many properties as you need to; it helps ensure your knowledge levels and expands your choice. An independent buyer consultant will assist you with this.

Buying a property in Cape Town – How to formulate your offer to purchase

Buying a property in many countries only becomes legally binding when transfer or exchange of contracts takes place. It is vitally important to understand that in South Africa buying your property becomes legally binding when an offer to purchase has been signed
by both parties. In short, it constitutes the terms and conditions that the purchase will proceed under.

Make sure your solicitor and buyers agent assist you in putting together the offer to purchase. When spending millions of rands on a purchase it is best practise to always get a legal opinion.

Buying a property in Cape Town – What price to pay

With properties literally next door to each other differing greatly in price, how do you know what to offer, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the area? Estate Agents are mandated to get the best price for the seller so asking them what price, would seem a somewhat misguided tactic in negotiations.

That often leaves the purchaser to guess work or flicking through the paper trying to work it out.

Buyer’s agents have extensive knowledge of the market and area allowing them to provide you with good knowledge when formulating a price, They also have access to information on previous houses sold in the area, what prices they were sold for and the building costs.

Sands Home Search are Cape Town’s leading property experts for assisting in securing property and guiding you through the property purchasing process.

So how can the buyer be sure they are getting the best possible advice and price?

Many countries now operate with estate agents and buyers/property consultants. This approach means professional representation for both the seller and the buyer.

More and more estate agents in Cape Town now work with buyers consultants as the buyers seek their own independent expertise.

What’s the main difference between a Cape Town estate agent and a buyer’s consultant?

The buyers consultant differs from the estate agent in a number of ways:

Buyers consultants do not market properties (as Estate Agents do) and therefore do not act for the seller’s interest at all.

As they are contracted by the buyer, they represent the buyer’s best interests and
professionally negotiate the best terms and conditions for the buyer.

Estate agents will tend to only show you property that they have been mandated to sell; this can reduce a prospective buyer’s choice. A buyer’s agent may access all the properties on the marketplace including ‘off market’ properties.

Estate agents are obliged to get the best possible terms and price for their client – the seller of the property, consultants are to get the best possible price and terms for the buyers – often resulting in a reduction on the property price, meaning the buyer can save considerable amounts of money.


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